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Why pet owners in Illinois must properly take care of their pets

Dogs and family pets are considered part of the family. Under the law, however, family pets are considered property and, as such, are the responsibility of their owners. Most Chicago, Illinois, residents adore their furry friends, but they should remember that their pets are animals that may become vicious, dangerous and cause animal bites.

Reportedly, animal attacks are a common problem in America. Animal bites can lead to crush injuries, bruises and puncture wounds. Animal attack injuries could also lead to infection because their saliva may contain bacteria that is harmful to people. It may also contain rabies as well.

Sidewalk slip-and-fall leads to lawsuit against Bank of America

Bank of America is one of world's most successful financial corporations. Since 1904, the company continues to operate in all 50 states, including Illinois. While the company continues to provide financial services for many Americans, one couple alleges that Bank of America is compromising the safety of their clients.

Reportedly, a couple has filed a lawsuit against Bank of America Corporation and three other defendants. The premises liability lawsuit was filed in connection to a trip and fall accident on a sidewalk outside a Bank of America branch out east. The victim claims that she sustained injuries because of the accident.

Bare metal defense might impact asbestos exposure lawsuit

Westinghouse Electric Corporation, a company that manufactures turbines and switchgear, is named in a lawsuit filed on behalf of an Illinois worker who died of alleged asbestos exposure on the job. As both parties involved presented their evidence and testimonies, the National Asbestos Products Liability Multidistrict Litigation Court postponed and returned the work-related asbestos exposure case to an Illinois federal court. The lawsuit was remanded to determine if Illinois considered the bare metal defense.

In litigation, bare metal defense occurs when asbestos-containing products are manufactured by a third party. Determining the availability of bare metal defense under Illinois law could greatly affect the asbestos-exposure lawsuit filed against Westinghouse.

Wendy's Inc. named as defendant in premises liability lawsuit

Many property owners in Chicago, Illinois may have assumed that international fast food chains like Wendy's have strong core values when it comes to service and customer satisfaction. Wendy's said that quality is their recipe, but is safety of the premises and customers their priority as well?

Deceased Illinois worker's testimony presented to jurors

Many asbestos-related diseases or illnesses sufferers wait a long time to finally get their due in court. Some do not even live long enough to make their testimony. Unfortunately, an Illinois man was one of those people; nonetheless, his testimony will still get to see its day in court.

The man died almost a year ago, but he still got the chance to tell his side of the story to jurors of Madison County. The man passed away on May 23, 2013, because of Mesothelioma; he was 71. Before he passed away though, the man's attorneys were able to record his video deposition.

Tips for Illinois pet owners to prevent dog attacks

For most Illinois pet owners, dogs live up to their moniker as man's best friend. The animal's gentle, friendly and loyal demeanor often make them truly lovable companions. But there are instances when a dog's aggressive tendencies take over, resulting in serious injury, not only to an owner but to other people as well.

According to dog trainers, prevention of dog attacks boils down to proper training. Annoying pet behavior like jumping can be corrected through training. It also prevents dogs from being dangerous. Early socialization is vital as well. The owner adds that any dog breed can become aggressive. Teaching dogs to get used to the activity and noise of people around them teaches them not to be anxious.

Swimming pool accident death settled for $1.7 million

To learn how to swim, residents of Chicago, Illinois take swimming classes, so it is doubly tragic when a swimmer drowns during swimming class. As unbelievable as that may seem, that is precisely what happened in another state recently, and this heartbreaking event should serve as a reminder to swimming pool owners and swimming instructors in Illinois to be vigilant in their duties. It also questions the responsibility of local schools across the country when it comes to the safety of their students.

In November 2012, a 14-year-old boy was in his high school swim class at his school in Connecticut. He was a fledgling swimmer and never ventured outside the pool's shallow side. On that day, though, the student climbed into the deep area of the indoor pool. He sank to the bottom as other students dove and swam above him. He was at the pool's bottom for around 17 minutes.

How Chicago property owners can prevent slip-and-fall accidents

Illinois, along with most northern U.S. states, continues to suffer with snow storms and extreme weather. Unpredictable thaw-and-freeze cycles often lead to slippery and icy sidewalks, streets and parking lots. These, in turn, usually result in slip-and-fall accidents, which can lead to serious injury.

According to a senior vice president at Accuweather.com, even if the temperature is close to or just below freezing, the natural melting of ice can still occur. During this time of year, a natural strengthening of the sun can melt untreated surfaces. When the sun goes down, naturally melted ice, referred to as black ice, can occur. This thin ice sheet can be undetected and very slippery for pedestrians and even for vehicles.

Cat bites more dangerous than previously thought

Pet owners have long debated which make the better pets, dogs or cats. Most Illinois residents probably have their own favorite when it comes to companionship. When it comes to dangers from their bites, however, cats have the edge.

According to the results of a new study by the Mayo Clinic roughly one-third of the 200 cases of cat bites studied over the last three years required hospitalization. Among those people hospitalized, two-thirds required surgery.

How to handle tenant-landlord disputes

In a perfect world, tenants and landlords live together in harmony until they part ways. While that is usually the case, sometimes a landlord's actions or inaction can be problematic for a tenant. Here are a several tips for Illinois tenants who have to handle a dispute with their landlords.

Know the scope of the problem -- that is, how serious it is and whether it needs a landlord's attention. If the problem is a stain on the carpet, it might not be worth the effort and time to ask for repairs. In other words, turn the other cheek when it comes to small things. But, pressing concerns like broken pipes that not only make living difficult but also violate safety codes are another matter. Carefully document such concerns. -- take a photo and track the details of the problem. Doing so is crucial now and later when it is time to move out and ask for the security deposit to be returned.

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