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Elevator accident and problems with new technology

Details are cropping up in a horrific elevator accident that occurred back in December that led to a woman's death. The woman was caught between the opening and the interior of the elevator as the elevator began to move - thus essentially crushing the woman. Though it occurred on the east coast, such a premises accident it could just as well have occurred in Chicago.

It appears that a series of mechanical failures may have contributed to the accident. It has been alleged that radio signals possibly interfered with the elevator's lift's control board, though this has been disputed by one of the workers. Tests conducted upon the elevator showed that such signals caused the elevator to move up and down very quickly. It also is apparent that a computer chip installed that was to slow the elevator if it moved erratically did not function as intended.

The accident demonstrates some of the problems we have with advances in technology. While such technology can be used to enhance safety, these same innovations can bring along with it a new set of hazards that were not foreseen when new inventions were implemented. Also, manufacturers may rely upon safety features concerning such new technology without taking into account what will occur if certain components fail.

Such accidents where a woman is crushed to death on an elevator cannot be allowed to occur. Manufacturers, of course, have a duty to test all features before being marketed to the public. If such companies put profits before safety they need to be held liable by injured parties and their lawyers.

Source: New York Daily News, "Elevator's erratic behavior in fatal accident," by Greg B. Smith, April 1, 2012

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